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How Do I Add A Class?

And Why Should I?

Please note, Classes are only available for teachers to help manage the learning process of their students.

Classes are like folders for students. Each class has:

  • A name, e.g Robotics 101
  • A description (visible only to the teacher), e.g 8th graders, meets every Monday, 9am.
  • An assigned course (there can be only one active course per class)
  • Course Progress setting (to control how mission packs unlock for students)
  • A class code, for students to self register using "Join class" in the login page
  • A class registration link, to share with students (an alternative to the class code)

Once you set up a class you can invite students to CoderZ, reassign courses and manage your class with ease and style.

As students make progress you'll be able to monitor their progress and manage their accounts with ease.

To create a new class simply follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the "My Classes" tab on the left-hand menu
  2. Open the Classes drop down menu
  3. Select "+ Add new class" 

  4. Name your class
  5. Add a description (optional)
  6. Draw a new class code (if you don't like what we came up with) by clicking the dice icon
  7. Click "Next"

  8. Choose a course to assign from the drop-down menu (you might have only one)

  9. Choose course progress

  10. Click "Next"
  11. At this point you can invite students to join your class in one of 3 ways (see Adding Students for full description) :
    • Copy the invite link and share with your students in whatever way you wish
    • Copy the class code and share with you're students, they should enter it in CoderZ login page under "Join Class"
    • Type in (or paste) all emails of students you want to be invited. We will email the registration link directly. These emails will only be used for sending an invite. Nothing else.

  12. Click "Done"


Here is the full process:





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