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How Do I Control Course Progress For Students?

Teachers can control the way students unlock packs within the course, by choosing between 4 options when setting up a new class. These can also be edited later from the Course Settings.

Here are the options:

  1. All packs open - will unlock all packs for your students, allowing them to skip ahead freely
  2. Pack by Pack - will allow your students to unlock a pack by completing all the previous missions
  3. Set by Set - each pack is divided into sets, with 1-3 missions in each set. Each set will unlock after students complete the final mission in the previous set.
  4. Manual - to manually choose which packs to unlock

Remember, these settings will affect the entire class.

To set course progress for a new class

  1. Go to the "My Classes" tab
  2. Click "Add a new class" from the Classes drop-down menu in the corner
  3. Name your class. Add description if you like
  4. Click "Next"
  5. In the Course Settings step, choose the course you would like to assign your students.
  6. Under "Progress type", choose one of the aforementioned progress options:


  7. Click Next
  8. Add students
  9. Click Done

To change course progress for an existing class

  1. Go to the "My Classes" tab
  2. Open the Classes drop-down menu and choose the class to edit
  3. Open the Class Options menu by clicking the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner 
  4. Choose 'Course settings"

  5. In the Course Settings pop-up, choose the course for which you would like change the progress
  6. In progress type choose one of the options
  7. Click "Save"



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