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How Do I Assign Courses To My Classes?

Teachers can assign multiple courses to their classes on CoderZ! Assigning courses to a class is part of the initial process of setting up a class; however, if you skipped that step during the initial set-up, or if you wish to assign the class additional courses over time, here's how:

  1. Navigate to the 'My Classes' tab on the left-hand menu
  2. Choose your class from the drop-down menu at the top-left corner
  3. Click the options button at the top-right corner:
  4. In the pop up which opens, click the 'Edit Courses' tab
  5. Open the drop-down menu
  6. Choose a course from the drop-down menu. Note the number of seats available and expiration dates of available courses.
  7. Click 'Add New'
  8. The course is added.
    You can change the course progress type if you wish.
    You can add more courses if you wish by repeating steps 6-8; otherwise, click 'Save'

You can view the class's courses and add or remove courses in the 'Edit Courses' tab at any time.

To remove a course, simply click the little trash can icon next to the course and then click 'Save'



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