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How Do I Add Students? (Play)

The "Add a Student" feature is only available for teachers with student seats.


To add student to your class first make sure you have already added a class

Once the class is set up, you have a few options to invite students:

  • Share the class code
  • Share the class registration link
  • Enter student email address and have CoderZ send them a registration link


 1. class code

  • In step 1, the class code will be displayed, you can change it by clicking the dice. 
  • Share this class code with your students any way you like and send them to 

2. Self Registration Link

  • Click the Copy Link button to copy the registration link to your clipboard
  • Share this link with your students any way you like

A registration link is open for anyone, so don't share it outside your class. If needed, you can always remove students who don't belong (currently by contacting our support). 

** NOTICE: the class code is displayed at the end of the registration link


3. Email invites

CoderZ can invite your students via email. The privacy of your students is important to us, we will only use these addresses to send invites.

  • If you enter a single email address, press the Tab key or add a comma or a space after the address.
  • if you enter multiple email addresses, each address must be separated from the others by either a comma or a space, or by pressing the Tab key
  • Click next

Your students will receive an email with the self-registration.


4. Add a student to an existing class 

You also can add students to an existing class, from "Your Classes" page.

Steps to add student to an existing class

1. Click to see all classes:

2. Select the class to which you would like to add the student

3. Click the three dots on the upper right corner  

4. Choose Invite students to the class

5. Invite student either by email invite, self registration link, or by class code.


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