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What Teacher Resources Are Available?

Teachers, have no fear: we've got you covered. All our courses come with a wealth of teacher resources such as a Teacher's Guide, slide decks, and mission solutions. There's also the Help Widget and the Knowledge Base itself, full of articles about blocks, sensors, code snippets, class and student management, as well as troubleshooting and technical support.

Start with the Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide should always be your starting point. This resource will help you plan out your sessions throughout the course and prepare for a session before class. The guide contains information about the corresponding teacher's presentation/s for each session, alignment to learning standards, links to useful Knowledge Base articles or video tutorials, pacing guidelines, tips, activities and class conclusion questions for students to help cement knowledge learned during a session.  

The Teacher's Guide for each course is available by clicking the link on a course's title card.



Please note: previously, most courses had PDF Teacher Guides. These are now not up to date. The most updated Teacher Guides are websites linked from each course's title card.

Integrated Slide Decks

Some courses include integrated slide decks which are placed within a pack before the relevant missions. These lesson plans are split into several parts so as not to be overwhelming.

These lesson plans are our suggested method of introducing a mission and its objectives with your students. They include explanations of coding practices and mathematical and scientific concepts, breakdowns of mission scenes and suggestions for how to map out a mission, useful tools, new blocks, examples of code snippets, GIFs, and interactive quizzes you can solve with your class. 


Mission Solutions

Teacher accounts have access to mission solutions which load a complete solution code. Keep in mind that our solution is not the only one - there can be many ways to solve a mission. Encourage your students to try out different techniques.

Here's how to open a solution from a teacher account:


The Help Widget

The Help Widget is a useful little tool which can help you with a quick-search feature connected directly to our Knowledge Base. Simply type in a word or two and hit 'Enter', and the widget will offer a selection of relevant articles in the small window at the corner of the screen. You can read the article directly there in the CoderZ platform, or click the 'View Article' icon mceclip0.png to open the article in a new tab on your browser:


Please note: the Help Widget is not available in student users.

Class and Student Management

The Knowledge Base offers many useful articles for teachers, such as:

Check out our YouTube tutorial video on Teacher Resources:

These and much more is waiting for you in the Knowledge Base. Didn't find what you were looking for? contact us here at:

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