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Class Heat Maps

Time to check your students' knowledge!   

Teachers can easily get actionable insights from the progress of their classes and students. Heat maps are color coded progress reports per class and activity packs that can be drilled down and show you reports per individual student.

Why look at class heat maps?

Here are a few actionable insights you can gather for the heat maps:

  • Identify topics that the class is struggling with, so you can provide additional attention to it
  • Identify individual students who struggle with a specific topic
  • Pair up proficient students with those that are struggling and promote collaboration and peer learning in the class room


Want to look at class heat maps?

  1. Go to Your classes tab
  2. Open the Classes drop down menu and pick the class you want to get insights on
  3. Choose the course and pack you want to focus on form the relevant drop down menus


Want to look at individual student data?

  1. From the heat map, click any student name


  1. Click any of the colored tiles at the intersection of a student and a mission


How to gather actionable insights?

Here are a few things we can see right away from looking at the below heat map:

  • Mission "Back and Forth" (4th mission) was challenging for all students. Best if you ask your students about their struggle with this mission and maybe solve this mission together
  • Fozzie Bear is at the top of the student list. That is because his average score (40) is the lowest in class. He only solved 2 missions, skipped 2 and tried but failed on 3 missions. Fozzie needs help. Either provide him additional guidance or pair him up with Miss Piggy who seems to be acing this class.


Example of heat map:


Heat map legend: 

  • Green: mission completed - score >= class average 
  • Yellow: mission completed - score < class average 
  • Red: mission opened but not completed
  • Gray: skipped mission 
  • White: mission never opened 


Watch this video tutorial about tracking your students' progress:





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