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What Are Projects?

Projects are a way for users to try out different bits of code, take on open challenges or come up with new ones of their own. Projects provides more flexibility than Missions, by offering an open environment where users can try out different algorithms in a variety of virtual Scenes.

To start a project simply click the Start a New Project button from the My Projects tab: mceclip0.png

The project wizard will help you set up the following:

  • Name for your new project
  • Robot (EV3 or Ruby)
  • Coding Mode (Blockly for visual editor or Java for textual editor; Python if you have chosen Ruby)
  • Virtual scene

Each Scene offers multiple learning opportunities and ways to challenge yourself or your students. make sure to explore them all.

What you should know about projects:

  1. Projects are not Missions. No target, no collectibles, no tips.
  2. Your projects are your own - no-one else can see them, access them, edit or change them. 
  3. You can run your code from any position in the scene. Use Manual Control to reposition the robot, then run your code.
  4. You can change the robot configuration. Open the Configurator by clicking the settings icon from the Projects toolbar.
  5. The configurator will also let you change the scene.
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