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What is the My Classes Dashboard?

The My Classes Dashboard allows teachers who manage multiple classes and teams to easily see the bigger picture. Need to quickly find a particular class? Easy. Edit a class's settings, courses, or invite students? Piece of cake. Need to archive a class, or to restore it? This is just the place for that. 

Display and Filtering  
Data Displayed per Class  
Available Actions   
Deep Dives


To access the My Classes Dashboard, click the "My Classes" tab on the left-hand menu:click_my_classes.png

Display and Filtering 

The My Classes Dashboard can show all your classes, active and archived alike, as well as CoderZ League Teams. The default is to show all classes in box view, as shown below:


To switch to list view, click the list icon (list_view_icon.png) at the top-right corner of the page. The list view will show your classes as horizontal rows instead of boxes:

Teachers can filter their Classes Dashboard to show:

  • All classes (active and archived alike)
  • Active classes only
  • Archived classes only

As well as sort the classes shown within the above filter by:

  • Class name
  • Grade
  • Type (Class or League Team)
  • Recently viewed


When displaying all classes, archived classes will be grouped at the bottom of the page. Archived classes will always be shown with grayed-out flags:


Teachers can search for classes by name using the handy Search feature at the top of the page:


Data Displayed per Class

Each class card or row displays the following data:

  • Class Flag (platform default or uploaded by users)
  • Class name
  • Class type (examples: Class, Clever Class, CoderZ League Team etc.)
    Note: CoderZ League Teams will display the League name and a Novice/Junior/Pro division tag
  • Class grade (1st-12th or Multigrade)
  • The number of students in the class
    Note: CoderZ League Teams will show utilized seats out of allotted seats
  • The number of courses assigned to the class
  • The number of students active in the platform within the past week


Available Actions 

Adding a Class

To create a new class, click the "Add New Class" button at the top-right corner.
See main article for more information.


Various actions can be performed on classes or teams via the My Classes Dashboard, as displayed by hovering over a class box/row.

The following actions can be performed on active classes:

Editing Class Settings

Hover over the class whose settings you wish to edit, then click the "Settings" option


The Class Settings wizard will open. Here you can:

  • Change the class name

  • Change the class grade

  • Change the class flag

  • Change the courses assigned to this class, add or remove courses (see main article)

  • Invite students to join this class (see main article)



Archiving a Class 

Hover over the class you wish to archive, then click the "Archive" option.
See main article for further information.



The following actions can be performed on archived classes:

Restoring a Class

Hover over the class you wish to restore and click the "Restore" option.
See main article for more information.


Deleting a Class

Only archived classes can be deleted. To do so, find the class, hover over its box/row, then click "Delete". The class and its data will no longer appear on your Classes Dashboard.

Note: deleted classes cannot be restored, and the seats/licences used by that class will be freed up and become available for teachers to reassign.



Deep Dives

Class Overview (Class Heat Maps)

To access a class's Heat Map and gain insight about a class's progress, hover over a class and click the Class Overview button. Read more about Heat Maps and monitoring student progress here.



Watch the "Teacher Series" video about the My Classes Dashboard:

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