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The CoderZ Scoreboard shows both class scores and individual students' scores. You can access it from the navigation bar on the left side of the screen or or by clicking the “Scoreboard” tab in the Navigation Bar.

As a teacher, you can see all your classes and their collective scores. By clicking a specific class, you'll be taken to a table showing that class's students' scores. You can choose to view the class's summative scores, or select a specific course and even packs.

Once you've filtered the Scoreboard according to the content you want, you can sort the results in the table by clicking any of the column titles. For example: ranking, score, completed missions, or attempts average.


Keep in mind that the final ranking is made up of several pieces of information. Here for example you can see three students with the same score (300) and the same number of completed missions (3); however, Bruce has the lowest attempts average (0.6 compared to 0.8 and 2), meaning he solved the missions in this pack in fewer attempts than Loki or Thor. This is why Bruce is ranked higher than them on the Scoreboard. 

You can refresh the Scoreboard by clicking the refresh button at the top of the table. You can display the Scoreboard live in class and update it as the students work their way through a particular pack as a competition.

Student View

When students view their class's scores, they will not see other students' full names, only their own:


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