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Dear Educators, Welcome to CoderZ League 2023!

Welcome to our global community of educators and students! We're absolutely thrilled to have you on board and are eager to embark on an empowering learning experience together. We’re excited to walk you through your journey and help you develop your students’ knowledge in STEAM, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and a lot more!

Getting Started with CoderZ League

First and foremost, we highly recommend a thorough review of the League’s user guide. The guide has everything you need to know about the league: structure, points, missions, the challenge, schedule, and awards. If after reading the user guide you still have questions, please look up our Facebook group and ask us anything.

If you have issues with accessing the league, please send us an email at

After logging into your teacher account, there are several "Getting Started" walkthrough tutorials. These can be accessed at any time by clicking the star “Walkthrough” icon to the left of your username.

The Training Camp

The training camp is now available on our platform. To access the missions, simply go to the “Learning Center” tab and look for your division’s name (NoviceJunior, or Pro). In each of these courses, you’ll be able to find the corresponding pack with the training camp.

You already have access to the creating team option, so now it's time to create your team/s. Once you are ready, invite your students to join and start the training camp.
If you have already purchased the curriculum and you are in the middle of training, we suggest you continue with the curriculum as planned.

**Note: Training camp missions do not grant points towards CoderZ League. They are designed expressly for teaching purposes. Only the missions and challenges which become available after the October 10th grant points toward the leaderboard.

What’s New? 

  • Extending the stages of the competition: based on feedback from previous seasons,
    The Preliminary stage and the group stage have been extended, so this season you will gain
    some great benefits.
  • Code Submission Timer: a timer will be displayed during the playoffs. Displaying a timer during this stage is a helpful addition to ensure clarity and prevent misunderstandings regarding deadlines and code submissions. 
  • New Award: adding a "Best Team Name" award category can bring an element of fun and creativity to the competition, encouraging teams to invest time and effort in choosing an interesting and
    memorable name.
  • User Guide Availability: This year, the user guide is accessible directly from the CoderZ platform's learning center. 

***Read more about the season's improvements here.

Two very important dates to record in your calendars:

September 12, 2023 – Let the games begin! CoderZ League missions will become available, so get your engines ready and be sure to make all necessary adjustments prior to the beginning of the league.

October 24, 2023 – The group stage is open (For Junior & Pro divisions only)

Updates, Training, and Support

  • Starting August 29, you’ll receive a weekly update with all the information you need per week so you won’t miss out on any important information.

Rooting for you and here for you always! 

CoderZ League Team

Contact us:

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