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How Do I Add Students to a Class?

Adding students to your class is part of the initial process of creating a class; however, if you skipped that step during the initial set-up, or if you now wish to invite additional students to an existing class at a later date, that's perfectly fine.

Note: Schools using auto-rostering services (such as Clever or ClassLink) cannot add students directly from the CoderZ platform. Instead, students should be added through their Student Information System (SIS). Please see How Do I Sync Classes after SIS Update? (US only)

To add students to a class from within the CoderZ platform:

1. Navigate to the 'My Classes' tab on the left-hand menu.

2. Hover over the class you want to add students to, then click the 'Settings' icon:

3. In the Class Settings window which opens, click the 'Invite Students' tab.


There are three options to invite students:

1. Sharing the class code
2. Sharing the class link
3. Adding students from an existing class

1. Sharing the unique Class Code with your students

The class code is a short string of random letters and numbers, unique to each class, that can be used by students to self register.


All your students need to do is enter the class code in CoderZ login page under "Join Class" and complete the self registration process:


2. Sharing the Class Self Registration Link with your students

Click the "Copy Link" button to copy the registration link to your clipboard an share this link with your students any way you like.

A registration link is open for anyone, so don't share it outside your class. If needed, you can always deactivate students who don't belong (or contact support if you want them deleted). 

Note: the class code is displayed at the end of the registration link!



3. Adding Students From An Existing Class

Click the "Add students" button


Select the existing students you wish to add to this class from the menu on the left, then click the "Add" button. You can search for existing students by name, username or class.

Note: the number of seats available in your class is shown under the Selected Students side.


After the selected students have been moved over to the right side, click "Save". 


You will be taken back to the "Invite Students" tab and shown the number of students you added. Exit the pop-up window using the X button and you will see that the students have been added to the class.



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