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What is the HUD (Heads Up Display)?

HUD stands for Heads-Up Display.

The HUD is a display of instrument readings (in our case, the robot's sensors) that can be seen without looking away from the simulation.


How do I open the HUD?

Simply click on the HUD icon  ic_tune_black_24dp_2x.png  located at the top of the Simulation Pane.

Once you click on it, the simulation window will expand to show the HUD elements. 

What do I see in the HUD?

Each element  is actually one of your robot’s sensors! 

So, which sensors do we have in our HUD and what do they mean?

  • Touch - This sensor can be either True or False. Represents either Pressed or Released (Not Pressed)
  • Gyro - This sensor measures the robot's rotational speed and change in orientation. You can see in the HUD the angle in which the robot has turned.
  • Color - This sensor returns two values, the color ID (and name), and the reflected light detected.
  • Ultrasonic - This sensor measures how far the robot is from an object, it has a maximum range of 255 CM
  • Motor Encoders (Tacho) - The last sensors are the Encoders of the Motors. These encoders, located inside each motor, measure the rotation of the motor in Degrees. This way you can see how many degrees this specific motor has turned.

Anything else to know about the HUD?

  • You can collapse and expand each element by clicking on it, so you can focus on what's important:
  • Depending on your robot's configuration for each different mission, you may not see all sensors.
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