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What Are Missions?

Missions are a key part of CoderZ. They provide a learning experience that is both engaging and challenging. 

To access missions simply visit the Mission Center and choose any of our many available missions.

What you should know about missions:

  1. You can restart a mission from the Mission drop down menu, located in the top toolbar.
  2. Each Mission has a Brief and some also have Tips. Click the Tips button located next to the Mission menu.
  3. Running your code will also reset the Scene, bringing the robot back to its starting position.
  4. Every Mission has a Target mark. To complete a Mission simply reach the target. 
  5. In some Missions the target is hidden. You will need to find it.
  6. Every Mission has Collectibles. Collect them to earn score. Some Missions require a minimum score to complete them successfully.
  7. Some Missions have Avoidables. These are Collectibles that carry a penalty. Avoid them!
  8. Some Missions may have a Timer showing. This would mean there is a time limit so hurry up.
  9. Some Missions require code to complete, some require you to manually control the robot.
  10. Your progress is always saved, returning to a Mission will take you back to where you left things off.
  11. You cannot edit, change or create Missions. Yet. You can try Projects. 



If you feel a bit constrained by the Missions, try our Projects.

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