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What Are Missions?

Missions are a key part of CoderZ. They provide a gamified learning experience that is both engaging and challenging. 

To access a missions, simply log on to your CoderZ account and navigate to one of the courses you are assigned, choose a pack, and then choose one of the missions!


What you should know about missions:

While looking at the missions in a pack, a mission you have already completed will be indicated by a full green battery and a check symbol next to the word 'Completed', while an untouched or partially completed mission will show an empty battery and 'New Mission'. 


The Mission Menu located next to the mission name offers several options:

  • Restart the mission (also available next to the mission name)
    Note: restarting the mission will replace your program with the mission default code.
  • Move on to the next mission
  • Go back to the previous mission
  • Open the mission solution (available only to teachers)
  • Exit the mission and return to the Learning Center


Some missions have a brief (a short introduction), tours (a focused, educational step-by-step explanation of the mission's features, code, or buttons), and some also have tips which can offer insight and help students get through a mission. 

Click the tips button located next to the Mission Menu to see the tips again at any point in the mission mceclip4.png

Every mission has a target mark. To complete a mission, you'll have to reach the target. In some Missions the target is hidden, or placed in hard-to-reach location which will take some creative thinking to get to.

mceclip5.png  mceclip6.png


Most missions have collectibles such as batteries, fuel canisters, fruit or good containers. Collect them to earn points. Some missions require a minimum score to complete them successfully.

collectible_battery.gif  collectible_fuel.gif 

grape_collectible.gif  collectible_good_container.gif

Some missions have avoidables like electricity bolts, thorny cacti, or bad containers. These are items that carry a penalty. Avoid them as much as possible! Some courses even have traps that the robot can fall into... careful!

avoidable_bolt.gif  avoidable_bad_cactus.gif 

 avoidable_bad_container.gif  robot_falls_into_pit.gif

Some missions may have a Timer showing. This would mean there is a time limit - so be quick!


Some missions require code to complete, while some allow you to control the robot manually.

You cannot edit, change or create missions. Yet. But you can try Projects!


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