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How Can I Assess Student Learning? (BETA)

CoderZ Assessment Strategy
Assessment View on Heat Maps
To Assess an Activity

CoderZ Assessment Strategy

The CoderZ platform allows teachers to easily assess student learning, based on structured learning objectives. Most courses' Teacher Guides address this issue in the "Learning Objectives and Assessment Guidance" section of each lesson pack, identifying approximately three learning objectives for each lesson and highlighting the main skills and understandings that students should take from the lesson. Each learning objective is listed with at least one assessment opportunity, usually tied to mission completion or student responses to the reflection questions included at the end of each lesson pack. The Teacher Guide also provides guidance for teachers in how to determine whether students have successfully reached the objective.

To make things easier for teachers, the Class Heat Maps within the CoderZ platform now offer an integrated assessment feature on some courses, with all the aforementioned information clearly marked and easily accessible.

Note: this is a new feature, and not all courses have integrated assessment yet. 

Assessment View on Heat Maps - BETA

When viewing a class's Heat Map for a course that has integrated assessments, relevant activities (such as key missions or reflection questions) will be marked with a small star next to the activity name:

These assessment opportunities are the same ones usually listed in each course's Teacher Guide:

Note the Assessment View toggle at the top of the page. Toggling this feature ON will highlight the assessment activities and slightly gray out the others:


Completed assessment activity tiles will be marked with a pink dot to show their status as Pending Assessment:


To Assess an Activity

  1. Click an assessment activity tile which is marked as pending assessment.
  2. In the pop-up window that opens, click the View Code button (for missions) or View Results button (for reflection questions).
  3. The Assessment Panel will appear to the right of the student's code/answers, showing the student's performance on this activity and allowing teachers to assess their answers based on a four-level evidence scale:

    Note the Assessment Guidance field, which gives teachers more in-depth suggestions of what exactly to assess per mission or question, such as particular blocks usage, understanding of computer science concepts, etc.
  4. Select the level of evidence the student displayed in their answer/s and click Submit:

    *Note: some activities have multiple learning objectives. In these cases, teachers can navigate the objectives via the arrows at the bottom of the Assessment Panel to mark different levels of evidence for each objective:
  5. Close the Assessment Panel.
    The activity tile will display the level of evidence after teacher assessment:

    Note: these levels of evidence will only be visible when the Assessment View feature is toggled on.

Magnifying Glass Icon

Tiles showing a magnifying glass icon represent completed assessment opportunities that are tagged with multiple Learning Objectives (see main article

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