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Weekly Update #9 | Important information about code submissions


Hey Teacher,

Hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend! Our amazing teachers' community makes us so grateful for what we do, and for having you, we are incredibly thankful. May your blessings be multiplied this year!


And now back to our competition - today’s update will be centered around code submission. Here are the most important things you should keep in mind:

  • Your code submission deadline for the Playoff stage is December 5th, 11 PM EST.
  • Your code must be submitted by the team’s captain - your captain is the only team member who will have the “Submit Code” button. Here’s how to assign a captain. 
  • Upon code submission, the code currently in the captain's editor will represent the team.
  • Captains may submit their code multiple times, but only the latest submission will be used to determine your score.
  • We strongly suggest you won't wait until the very last second to submit your code! Be sure not to miss your deadline, as we won’t be able to help if your code is submitted following the exact time mentioned on our schedule
  • Please refer to page 11 of the User Guide for further information about the playoff stage. 


Have a great week,

Happy World Cup to all the sports fans!

The CoderZ league team

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