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How Do I Turn Class Sharing Off/On?

CoderZ Classes can be 'locked' or 'class sharing' turned off, so that no new students can join the class. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your desired class via the My Classes page, and open the class settings.
  2. The class settings wizard will open. Click the Invite Students tab.
  3. The Class sharing feature will be toggled ON. Switch the toggle to OFF.
    The Class sharing feature will now show as toggled OFF:
    In the My Classes Dashboard, the class card/row will show a small lock icon to indicate that this class is 'locked' and no new students can join it:

To turn class sharing on again, simply navigate to the Invite Students tab and toggle the Class sharing feature back to ON:


After toggling class sharing on again, you will be able to invite students to join the class.

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