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October 20, 2021 CoderZ League Update

Dear teachers,

A week from now, on October 27, 8:00 AM EST CoderZ League 2021 will officially begin and we are so excited!


Right before the league begins, we wanted to give you some useful information about the league.

On October 25 two important things will occur:

  • Regions will be assigned to all teams. To read more about regions, click here.
  • The Leaderboard will become available. Note that until missions become available, the Leaderboard should show no points (Training Camp missions do not award points to teams). To read more about the Leaderboard click here.



The first stage in the competition, which begins on October 27, is called the Preliminaries.

The preliminaries is a stage where teams must complete missions and challenges in order to gain points. Once the stage is over, the top 64 teams from every Region (Junior and Pro) will move on to the next stage, called the Group Stage.


5 Easy steps to make sure your teams are ready for the Preliminaries:

  1. Create teams and invite all your students to them. Make sure they all have access to the CoderZ platform.

  2. Breeze through all the Training Camp missions with your students and learn the ropes of the competition.
  3. Select your team’s name and flag design and involve everyone in the process.

  4. Join our Facebook Group Teachers of CoderZ and get to know some veteran teachers to get some insights into the competition. 

  5. Go over the User Guide and make sure you understand the rules of the competition.


And that’s it, now that you’ve read this update you’re 100% ready to start the League. 

Good luck!

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