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Greetings, teams!

Welcome to CoderZ League Fall Season 2021!

We are excited to have you and your students join our Virtual Robotics Competition! 


Getting started with CoderZ League

First and foremost, we highly recommend a thorough review of the League’s user guide. The guide has everything you need to know about the league: structure, points, missions, the challenge, schedule and awards. If after reading the user guide you still have questions, please look up our Facebook group and ask us anything.

If you have issues with accessing the league, please send us an email at

After logging into your teacher account, there are several "Getting Started" walkthrough tutorials. These can be accessed at any time by clicking the star “Walkthrough” icon to the left of your username.

The Training Camp

The training camps are now available on our platform. To access them, simply go to the “Learning Center” tab and look for your division’s name (Novice, Junior or Pro). In each of these courses you’ll be able to find the corresponding pack with the training camp.

We have given you exclusive access to the training camp through October 6th before teams can be created and students invited. This will provide you an opportunity to review and/or work through the missions prior to the beginning of student training. After October 6th, you’ll be able to create teams, invite students and start student training. If you have already purchased the curriculum and are in the midst of instruction, we suggest you continue with the curriculum as planned.

**Note: Training camp missions do not grant points towards CoderZ League. They are designed expressly for teaching purposes. Only the missions and challenges which become available after October 27th grant points toward the leaderboard.

What’s Next?

First, we are extremely excited to release our new platform design on 10/03/2021. The new design will make the navigation throughout our platform much smoother and easier.

In addition, we upgraded the Simulation, making the robot move more smoothly and consistently. Please note that this upgrade caused a slight change in the performance of the Gyro’s Y axis. Now, when the Gyro rotates clockwise (to the right) it will display a positive value; rotating counter-clockwise (to the left) will give the Gyro a negative value.

Two very important dates to record in your calendars:

October 25, 2021 – Regions will be assigned and the Leaderboard will become available. Note that since missions and challenges aren’t available yet, the scores will be 0 until the League officially begins.

October 27, 2021 – Let the games begin! CoderZ League missions will become available, so get your engines ready and be sure to make all necessary adjustments prior to the beginning of the league.

Training and Support

We will be hosting sessions to explain the league and answer questions. If you wish to join, we are happy to have you! We have two types of sessions: training and Q&A. See the following for more information:

Welcome to CoderZ League - Fall 2021

This one-hour session will provide an overview of the League, League resources, the platform and administrative tasks such as creating teams and inviting students, and other relevant information to set the stage for a successful Fall 2021 CoderZ League experience.

Pre-registration is required. The dates and times listed below link to the Zoom registration page specific for each session. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing meeting information and unique link to join the session. The link will be specific to your registration, please do not share with others. If you wish to invite another, please share the registration information below.

CoderZ League Q&A

These sessions require no registration, just click and join. The only agenda is the questions you and others bring with them. This time is all about you and how we can support your CoderZ League experience.


Good luck!

CoderZ League Team

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