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How Do I Archive a Class?

Teachers using CoderZ can archive classes if they are no longer in use. This can help declutter your classes list, which at times may become overwhelming. An archived class will be displayed at the bottom of your classes list. You can always still access archived classes, and you can ‘unarchive’ (restore) them if you ever need them again.


Note: archived classes still function normally, meaning students enrolled in an archived class are not blocked from accessing CoderZ, and archiving a class does not free up seats or licenses. The main utility of archiving a class is to decrease clutter for teachers.

To archive a class:

  1. Navigate to the 'My Classes' tab on the left-hand menu
  2. Choose your class from the drop-down menu at the top-left corner
  3. Click the options button at the top-right corner:
  4. In the pop up that opens, click the 'Archive class' link
  5. The class will be archived. It will now appear at the bottom of your classes list and will be marked 'Archived'

Unarchiving / Restoring an archived class

To ‘unarchive’ (restore) an archived class, simply navigate to the class, open the class options window, and click the 'Unarchive class' link. The class will be restored.


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