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How Do I Add Students to a Class Via CSV File?

A School Admin can add students to a class via a CSV file, which is easier and more efficient than adding students individually.

To log in to the Administrator Application:

Sign into CoderZ with your admin credentials, and click the Administrator icon inside the Profile at the bottom of the Navigation Bar:

The Admin App will open in a new tab.

To Add Students:

1. On the Schools tab, locate and select the school:


2. Navigate to the Classes and Teams tab, then select on the class you would like to add students to


3. On the class page, click the Add Students button on the right side


4. A new window will open and prompt you to Download CSV File.


5. Download the CSV file. Do not edit the name or the format of the file. 

This file is a template for student information, such as first and last name, username and password, age and grade, etc. You must select a specific username and password for each student and provide that information to students for login.


6. After populating the CSV file, save it and upload it via the Add Students window.


7. After a successful file upload, the list of students will show up on the Add Students window for confirmation. Click the Add Students button to add them.


8. A green notification bar will indicate that the students were added successfully


9. The list of added students appears under the “students” tab on the bottom of the screen:



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