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How Do I Add Teachers to a Class?

Org Admins can add teachers to any class using the Administrator App.

To log in to the Administrator Application:

Sign into CoderZ with your admin credentials, and click the Administrator icon inside the Profile at the bottom of the Navigation Bar:

The Admin App will open in a new tab.

To Add a Teacher:

1. On the Schools tab, locate and select the school:


2. Navigate to the Classes and Teams tab on top toolbar, then select on the class you would like to add a teacher to


3. In the Classes tab, open the Options menu (three dots) next to the "Add Students" button, and select "Add Teacher"


4. You will be prompted to enter the email address of the new teacher. Fill it in and click the Add Teacher button:


A green notification bar will indicate that the teacher was added successfully:


To view the class’s Teachers list, scroll down and click on “Teachers” tab:



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