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How Do I Add/Remove a School Admin to/from a School?

School Admins can add their colleagues as School Admins to their school account, and also remove them.

Adding a School Admin

Resending an Activation Link

Removing a School Admin 

To log in to the Administrator Application:

Sign into CoderZ with your admin credentials, and click the Administrator icon inside the Profile at the bottom of the Navigation Bar:

The Admin App will open in a new tab.

Adding a School Admin to a School

1. On the Schools tab, locate and select the school:


2. Navigate to the Info tab on top toolbar. Click on the “Add School Admin” button on the bottom-right corner of the screen:


3. You will be prompted to enter the email address of the new admin. Fill it in and click the Make school admin button.


A green notification bar will confirm the school admin was successfully invited:


An activation email will automatically be sent to the new admin.

Resending an Activation Link

If the teacher you added did not receive their activation email, you can resend it by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the Users tab > Teachers tab > Pending tab:


2. Locate the teacher and open the item (click the arrow pointing downward)


3. Click on the Options button (3 dots) and select 'Resend activation link' , or select 'Copy link' and send the teacher their activation link via any other platform



Removing a School Admin from a School

1. On the Schools tab, locate and select the school:


2. Navigate to the Teachers tab on top toolbar. You will see a list of teachers that have already been added to the school:


3. Locate the teacher you wish to remove from the school, and click on the Options button (three dots). In the menu that opens, select Remove:


4. You will be prompted to confirm the action. If you do indeed wish to remove this teacher, select Remove


A green notification bar will indicate that the teacher has been successfully removed:





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