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How Do I Download and Upload Blockly Code?

Have you ever wished you could duplicate your Blockly code from a previous mission, instead of having to program it block by block again and again? Or, have you ever wished you could share your code with other users? Well, your wish is our command! Introducing, the new Export Blockly and Import Blockly buttons! Find them at the top of the Code Editor.

Exporting Blockly (downloading code from a mission) 
Importing Blockly (uploading code into a mission)


Exporting Blockly (downloading code from a mission)

Use the Export button to download your completed blockly code as an XML file:


The file will be saved under the mission's name.


Importing Blockly (uploading code into a mission)

Whenever you want to use code you have exported from a previous mission, simply click the Import button and select the relevant XML file. Your imported code will appear in the Code Editor!



Note: importing Blockly code works best within a particular course, since not all blocks work for all robots. If you're using EV3, make sure to only import code you exported from an EV3 course/mission. If you're using Ruby, code from Ruby missions will work best, etc.

For example, this code, exported from a mission in the CoderZ Adventure course using the EV3 or Lego Spike PRIME robot and imported into a Ruby mission in Cyber Robotics 102 course, is greyed out and will not work, since these particular blocks are incompatible with Ruby Robot.



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