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How the Final Results of the Preliminaries are Calculated

In the preliminaries, teams played to gather as many points as possible by playing missions and challenges. On November 23rd, 10 PM EST, preliminaries will officially end. At the end of preliminaries, Leaderboards will become locked and earning points will no longer be possible.

Let's take a look at how we calculate the total score for every team in the end of preliminaries:

  1. We take the sum contribution from every student for every mission that they have completed. Every student can earn up to 100 points for a single mission. Multiple students can complete the same mission. The sum of all missions from all students was previously shown under the “Missions” tab on the Leaderboard.

  2. We grant points for teams’ placement on challenges like so:

    Place Reward
    1 7,500
    2 5,000
    3 3,000
    4 2,000
    5 1,000
    6 - 10 900
    11-15 800
    16-20 700
    21-25 600
    26-30 500
    31-40 400
    41-50 300
    51-64 0


Every team will be awarded for its rank on each of the four challenges.

  1. We combine the points for missions and the sum from all challenges to a grand total. This total is the final rank, also known as “Seed” for the teams in the preliminaries.

  2. We then take the seeding and use it to create the group for the group stage like so:


As you all know, all teams will automatically move on to the group stage and only the specific group they are put on is affected by the preliminaries, meaning you all have a shot at winning the League, no matter how well you did in the preliminaries, so do your best!

Good luck you all in the group stage!


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