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CoderZ League Leaderboard

The CoderZ League Leaderboard is accessible via the CoderZ League tab in your respective team/s, and currently shows Preliminary phase scores.


Note: Once the competition advances to later stages, since scoring changes completely, this Leaderboard becomes obsolete.


Challenge Statistics

The stats shown on the CoderZ League page are overall statistics regarding you and your team's performance on each challenge.


Team Rank - A team's rank on this challenge in my region

Team Score - A team's highest score representing it on the challenge

My Score - How well a particular student did on this challenge 


The Leaderboard shows 2 types of scores:

  1. Mission score - The cumulative score gathered by all students from missions, as seen in the Mission tab. Every student's total points earned in mission is also known as "contribution". The sum of contributions gathered by a team is its total mission score.

  2. Challenges score - Each division (Pro and Junior) has 4 games. Each one of these games has a challenge as its final activity. Placing in any rank of a challenge as the preliminaries phase end rewards a team bonus points. The Leaderboard shows every team's current rank for every challenge.


At the end of the preliminaries phase (October 24, 2023) all teams in every region for every challenge, will receive bonus points which will be added to the team's total score. The team's total score is the one that counts towards seeding on the group stage.


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