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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Virtual Robotics Challenge?

  • The Virtual Robotics Challenge is available to FRC and FTC students in Israel, who registered for the 2020 season. Students who created an account without a registered team number won’t be able to submit their team code in the Battery Raid competition.
  • There is no limit to the number of students per team who can have personal accounts; however, each team can only have one (1) team account.

When does registration close?

  • Registration for the challenge remains open until the end of the challenge. Please note that you can only submit your teams' code during specific time-frames as specified on the competition schedule 

When should I use my personal account, and when should I use the team account?

  • Your personal account should be used for getting accustomed to the CoderZ environment, learning Python, and practicing the Battery Raid challenge levels. Each individual student should have their own account. You and your teammates can collaborate and test each other's code using your personal accounts.
  • Your team account should be used only for submitting your team's most up-to-date code for the competition phases.

Can I use an external code editor to write my code?

How many times can my team submit our code?

  • Your team can submit their code and improve it as many time as you wish, as long as the specific challenge phase is open.

What if my team chooses to submit our code for the second (or more) time and we survived less time than the first attempt? 

  • We will present your team's best score on the Battery Raid Leaderboard, so no worries! 

How often is the Leaderboard updated? 

  • The Leaderboard is be updated once every hour. 

Why is there a difference between the data on the Leaderboard inside a specific game and the Public Leaderboard? 

  • The game Leaderboards show only the performances of teams on any specific game.
  • The Public Leaderboard calculates each team's accumulated score from all games as well as bonus points.

What are the minimum requirements for running CoderZ?

  • Click here to view the minimum requirements.


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