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How to Participate in the Battery Raid Challenge



FIRST_I_srael.png In partnership with FIRST Israel

1. Signing up and creating Personal Accounts:

The first step is to sign up for the competition and create your personal account.
With this account you can get to know the CoderZ environment and learn Python in our Python Gym course.


Later you can start practicing for the Battery Raid Challengewhich will be released on 14.5.


2. Creating a Team Competition Account:

The second step is to nominate a team member who will create your team's competition account and submit your team's code.

The FIRST Israel coordinator will contact you to provide a general email per team with which to sign up for your team account.


3. Compete!

Once you have practiced as a team and compiled the best code you can, use your team account to submit your most updated code by the deadline of each level of the challenge.

You should run your code through your team account. You can update and run it as many times as you wish within the timeframe of each challenge phase. Only the best score of your team will be presented on the leaderboards (internal leaderboard on the CoderZ platform and external one which will be published soon). 


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