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Rules of Conduct

  1. No cheating! What constitutes as cheating?
    • Any code which operates the robot based off information that cannot be obtained from the robot's sensors. Examples:
      • Code which allows you to control the robot using the keyboard. This is prohibited!
      • Code based on the pixels of the screen. Your code should work exactly the same even if your screen goes dark and you cannot see the simulation (this might happen...)
    • Any code which changes the game's settings. Examples
      • Adding energy directly (without touching a battery)
      • Changing the rate at which energy is used/expended by the robot
      • Adding points directly
    • Any code that communicates directly with the servers. Your code should only communicate with the simulation via the published API.
    • Any type of hacking code and/or exploitation of bugs discovered.

  2. CoderZ reserves the right to check individual teams' code in order to determine its integrity. If at any suspicion of cheating arises, CoderZ has the right to disqualify the specific solution and/or the team that submitted it.

  3. The top 5 teams will be required to submit their best code to be approved by CoderZ.


Challenge Rules

The Challenge is built of three phases, with each phase being a separate game. Every game has its own Leaderboard, which is separate from the Public Leaderboard.

The Game Leaderboards show only the performances of teams on any specific game.

The Public Leaderboard calculates each team's ranking, based on teams' accumulated score from all games as well as bonus points.


How to Read the Public Leaderboard

The Public Leaderboard is updated every hour. You can see the countdown timer at the upper-right corner:


The Public Leaderboard shows two score columns:

TOTAL SCORE - represents teams' best time, based on each team's longest survival on the CoderZ Island.

TOTAL POINTS - represents teams' overall points, which are earned based on how long a team held one of the top 10 places on the Public Leaderboard.

The number of bonus points differs for each of the top 10 positions: the first place bonus is higher than the second place bonus, which in turn is higher than the third place bonus, and so on.

The number of points awarded each position also increases as the competition advances.

These bonus points are calculated and updated on the leaderboard daily at 6:00 and 18:00.

The FINAL RANKING is defined based on the total points.



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