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What is the Battery Raid Challenge?



CoderZ and Robotec Technologies support the FIRST Israel community during the COVID-19 pandemic and proudly announce the Virtual Robotics Challenge, where FRC and FTC teams can practice their strategy and coding skills, through Battery Raid Challenge.


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To win this challenge, each team will have to refine their coding skills using Python, practice collaboration with team members and survive the longest on CoderZ Island.

Watch the promotional video to see how cool it can be: 



The Battery Raid Challenge includes four stages: 

Python Gym Course 

You'll have free access to the CoderZ platform, learn Python and practice your coding skills with the Python Gym course. 

Challenge Phase 1 - Smart Energy

The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible on CoderZ Island. Every second you survive on the island is worth points.

However, the more time passes, and the more power you apply to the motors, the faster the robot's energy is depleted! This means you must be smart with your energy consumption and not expend unnecessary energy.

You can recharge using the batteries that land randomly on the island via drones. Touch them to get an energy boost! There are two types of batteries: big and small. The energy boost your robot will receive from them will be big or small respectively. Use the robot's sensors to detect the batteries.

When your robot's energy falls to 0, the game is over. Falling in the water will also drain your robot's energy completely and the game will be over.


Challenge Phase 2 - Dry Out 

The island is getting crazy! Sinkholes are a real danger, and you don't want to fall into the water! Let's see how long you can avoid them and survive on the island.

In this phase you'll also have a neat opportunity to earn more points: around the island are floating buoys which carry targets. Shoot them with your cannon to collect the points! The relevant commands to fire the cannon are available in the API documentation.

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Challenge Phase 3 - Take Control 

Take your robot to our Garage and decide which sensors you'd like to use to improve your code even more. The challenge gets more complicated, and you better survive the longest if you want to win!

Click the gear icon (  mceclip0.png  ) to enter the Garage.

Select a port from the ports map in the upper-left corner or spin your robot around and choose a sensor port.


Choose a sensor from the ones available to you and then configure its angle and its name:


Configure as many sensors as you like! You can even swap out any of the sensors we've put in, if you decide you want a different one in a specific port.

Once you've finished configuring your sensors, click the Refresh button (  mceclip1.png  ) 
and then the Save button (  mceclip2.png  ) to return to the scene and compete with your newly configured robot!



Are you ready?

Check out how the challenge works and how to get started... 

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