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Code Editor Controls

The CoderZ Code Editor is the dark area in the left half of the screen inside a mission or a project, where you and your students will write your code, using Blockly blocks.

At the top of the code editor are several control buttons:

Note: not all buttons are available in every course.

Button Action Explanation/See also
mceclip6.png Minimize Blockly menu Minimizes the Blockly categories menu and widens the Code Editor screen.
Save Code Saves the code written up until now.
mceclip0.png Run Simulation How Do I Run My Code in Simulation?
Stop Simulation Replaces the Run Simulation button and stops the simulation.
mceclip2.png Undo Undoes the last action such as adding, deleting, moving a block etc.
mceclip3.png Redo Redoes the last action that was undone. 
mceclip4.png Smart Blocks menu Smart Blocks
mceclip1.png Export Blockly How Do I Import and Export Blockly Code?
mceclip2.png Import Blockly How Do I Import and Export Blockly Code?
mceclip6.png Configuration Available only in Projects
Change scene/robot configuration


At the far edge of the black workspace are several more buttons:

Button Action Explanation/See also
mceclip2.png Center the program Brings the code to the center of the screen so it is easily viewed
mceclip4.png Zoom in Zooms in to show the Blockly code bigger
mceclip5.png Zoom out Zooms out to show the Blockly code smaller
mceclip3.png Delete block/ blocks Drag a block/several blocks into the trash can to delete them.


At the bottom edge of the workspace is the Console, which can display important information, such as outputs or errors:



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