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Simulation Pane Controls

The CoderZ Simulation Pane is the right half of the screen inside a mission or a project, where the virtual robot (EV3 or Ruby) executes the code you wrote once you run the simulation.

simulation pane.png

At the top of the code editor are several control buttons:

Note: not all buttons are available in every course.

Button Action Explanation/See also
mceclip1.png Full screen Minimizes the Code Editor and shows the Simulation Pane at full screen.
mceclip8.png Exit full screen Returns the Simulation Pane to half-size and shows the Code Editor again.
mceclip2.png Show code Hides the robot and its environment and shows the code instead.
mceclip9.png Show simulation Hides the code and shows the robot and environment Simulation Pane again
mceclip1.png Resets the simulation - the robot will return to its starting point. This will not affect the code you wrote.
mceclip0.png Run simulation How Do I Run My Code in Simulation?
mceclip3.png Open/close the HUD What is the HUD?
mceclip0.png Mute/Unmute Mutes the Simulation sounds


Other Indicators in the Simulation Pane

mceclip4.png Timer Starts once the simulation is run. Some missions' timers counts down! 
mceclip5.png Points Shows how many points you have collected. Most missions have collectibles and avoidables. 
mceclip0.png Toolbar What is Explore Mode / Simulation Toolbar?


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