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Student Progress Report

Time to check your students' progress!   

Teachers can easily get actionable insights from the progress of their classes and students. Reports per individual student can be accessed form the class heat maps.

Why look at student progress report?

Here are a few actionable insights you can gather for the heat maps:

  • See how a students ranks up compared to other classmates
  • Identify specific topics a student is struggling with
  • Learn about a student's attitude and recommend corrective actions 


Want to look at student progress reports?

  1. Go to Your classes tab
  2. Open the Classes drop down menu and pick the class the students belongs to
  3. Click the student name in the list
  4. Pick the relevant course and pack from the relevant drop down menus


How to gather actionable insights?

Look at the below example of a student report. Here are a few things we can see right away:

  • Looking at Fozzie Bear's progress report (image below), we can see on the left side how Fozzie Bear ranks up compared to his other class mates.  We can see Fozzie has an average attempts of 1 while the class has an average of 2 attempts per mission. Fozzie also doesn't use any of the tips. It might be best to just encourage Fozzie to attempt missions multiple times and use the tips more often.
  • On the right side we can see all the missions sorted by their score category and easily see what missions Fozzie failed, under performed or aced. We can then guide Fozzie to retry specific missions and track his improvement.


Example of a student report:


 Heat map legend: 

  • Green: mission completed - score >= class average 
  • Yellow: mission completed - score < class average 
  • Red: mission opened but not completed
  • Gray: skipped mission 
  • White: mission never opened



Watch this video tutorial about tracking your students' progress:

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