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What is Explore Mode / Simulation Toolbar?


Ever wanted to look around from a bird's eye view? Well, if you're in Cyber Robotics 102 or The CoderZ Adventure courses, you have that power!

At the bottom-left corner of the simulation pane, you will find a window showing a bird's-eye view of the scene. Click it to switch to Explore Mode, then scroll down to zoom out and scroll up to zoom in. Move around by holding down the right mouse key and dragging.

The  mceclip3.png  button in the bottom-right corner opens a toolbar which offers several useful features:

Distance Measuring Tool
Angle Measuring Tool
Manual Control 
Restore Last Position
Time Scale
Calm Mode

Note: not all features are enabled in all courses.

mceclip0.png  Distance Measuring Tool

Use this awesome feature to discover the distance between objects! For example, the distance between the robot and a container:


Once you know the distance your robot has to drive, use this information in your code.

Note: the distance in Explore Mode is measured in meters. If you are using a block that uses centimeters, don't forget to make that 1:100 conversion!

mceclip1.png   Angle Measuring Tool

Figure out angles easily with the handy Angle feature! Here's how to use it:

  1. Click on the scene floor where the vertex (point) of the angle you are measuring is located, and hold down your mouse key.
  2. Drag your mouse forward along the robot's trajectory (as though the robot is driving forward). A marker will appear. Release the mouse key.
  3. Move your mouse over the scene to create the angle, and see its value in the Angle panel!


Once you know your angle, use this information in your code.

mceclip0.png   Manual Control

Drive the robot around using your keyboard arrow keys, no code necessary! Just click this icon and explore the scene yourself! (Keep in mind, Manual Control might not be available in all courses, and if it is, most missions cannot be completed in Manual Control mode)


mceclip2.png   Restore Last Position 

This tool allows you to turn back time, in a manner of speaking. Press it up to 3 times to make the robot jump back to its previous position! The 'position' in question is determined by the Blockly code: each block is one step or position further.


mceclip0.png   Time Scale (Fast-Forward) 

This tool allows you to run the simulation at twice or at four times the normal speed. This can be useful for missions which involve long stretches of driving, or if you want to get past the first few blocks of your code quickly before slowing back to normal speed and debugging a specific part of the mission. 

Note: in missions that have a countdown/timer, this feature applies to the timer as well!

mceclip1.png   Calm Mode 

Most missions have a wealth of animations and stimuli in them - flashing lights, spinning and hovering collectibles or avoidables, teacups and spaceships flying overhead, farm animals or props in the background, etc.

Calm Mode is an accessibility aid which hides all these stimuli, leaving only the absolutely necessary, bare-bones items of the scene: the robot, the pathways, and any obstacles or items the robot may have to manipulate on its way to the target.

This can be helpful for students who need a bit less distraction, or who find the flashing and moving animation a bit too much when operating CoderZ missions.

calm mode-cyber world.gif calm mode-code farm.gif

Note: the selected mode is retained when moving between missions, even after restarting the simulation or mission, moving between missions or packs, different courses, or refreshing your browser.

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