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What is a School Competition Admin in CRCC?

In the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition each participating school needs to nominate a school competition admin. Usually a teacher (but can be a parent or an administrator) that acts as the focal point for both CRCC administrators and the school (students, management and teachers).

The school competition admin get's a unique CoderZ account that has 2 classes set up by default:

  1. Students class - for all participating students (off that school, and eligible age)
  2. Faculty class - for all school personnel such as teachers and administrators

Each class has its own unique registration link and class codes for students and faculty memebers to join. The school competition admin needs to communicate these unique links with the relevant audience.

From CoderZ, the school competition admin can:

  1. Manage classes :
    • Create more student classes - just so not all students will be in the same crowded class
    • Rename classes
    • Deactivate classes
  2. Manage student accounts like:
    • Reset student's password
    • Change student's class
    • Deactivate/reactivate accounts
  3. Track progress of each class and students using heat maps and progress reports


The school competition account can be shared (use the same login credentials) with other teachers (of the same school of course) who are interested in a more detailed view of their students progress, or just want to manage classes and students.







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