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I'm a teacher and my school participates in CRCC. How can I have my own CoderZ account?

CRCC teachers can have their own account so they can also learn how to program virtual robots. Like you students, you don't need any previous experience, you just need an account.

Each participating school has a school competition admin. If you're not sure who this is, contact support.

The school competition admin has 2 classes, each with its own unique registration links:

  1. Students registration link - for all students
  2. Faculty registration link - for all school faculty member

Teachers from the school interested in trying out CoderZ should use the faculty registration link so they don't affect the leaderboard (that is against CRCC regulations). With a faculty account, teachers can:

  • Try out all of CRCC missions as they unlock, just like the students
  • Access the score board to see progress of all students (of their school)

Teachers who are interested in creating more CRCC classes for their school or monitor their students progress, should log in to the school competition account.


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