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Class Management

CoderZ enables teachers to easily manage their classes and students. Class management features include:

  1. Editing class name and description
  2. Assigning courses and controlling the way students unlock packs
  3. Inviting students to a class
  4. Deactivating (or reactivating) a class

All these actions are accessible from the Class options menu. To open the Class options menu:

  1. Click the "My Classes" tab on the left-hand menu
  2. Pick the class you want to manage (from the classes drop-down menu)
  3. Open the Options menu on the right side of the top tool bar



Here is how you can do all that:

1. Editing Class Name and Description

In order to change the class name or description:

  1. Open the class options menu (see above)
  2. Choose "Class settings"
  3. Change the name and description as desired
  4. Click "Save"


2. Assigning Courses and Controlling the Way Students Unlock Packs

In order to change the course assigned to a class and/or change how missions and packs unlock:

  1. Open the class options menu (see above)
  2. Choose "Course settings"
  3. Choose a course to assign from the drop down
  4. Choose how packs unlock:
    • All packs open - means all packs are unlocked and available for the students with all their missions
    • Pack by pack - means students need to complete all missions of a specific pack to unlock the next pack. It will unlock automatically. 
    • Set by Set - means missions within each pack open by predetermined sets of 1-3 missions.
    • Manual - lets you manually choose which packs to lock or unlock. Students will only have access to packs you check.
  5. Click "Save"

If a new course is assigned, all students of that class will no longer have access to the course previously assigned to them. 



3. Inviting Students to a Class

In order to invite students to any of your classes:

  1. Open the class options menu (see above)
  2. Choose "Invite students"
  3. Copy the invite link and share with your students


  • Copy the class code and share it with your students. They should enter it in the CoderZ login page under "Join Class"


  • Type in (or paste) the emails of students you want to invite. These emails will only be used for sending an invite with the class registration link.
  • Click "Submit"




 4. Deactivating (or reactivating) a class

In order to deactivate a class (or activate a deactivated class):

  1. Open the class options menu (see above)
  2. Choose "Deactivate class" (or "Activate class" if the class is deactivated) 
    • If you'd like students to be notified, check the checkbox
  3. Click "Deactivate"
  4. Read the updated total seats
  5. Click "Done"

Your total available seats will be updated accordingly. You will still have access to their progress reports but students will no longer be able to log in to CoderZ.



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