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What Are CoderZ Courses?

CoderZ Courses help teachers and students focus their learning with CoderZ. Each course is broken down into several packs to allow focus on specific topics. Each pack is in turn broken down into several missions to make learning more engaging and self paced. Some courses include integrated lesson plans for teachers' use.

Our currently available courses include:

1. Cyber Robotics 101  101-ev3.jpg

The Cyber Robotics 101 course lets your student learn the basic of robotics and coding at their own pace with a virtual EV3 Robot. It includes over 70 missions covering multiple topics such as navigation, loops, obstacle detection, color detection, object manipulation and more. The teacher's guide for the Cyber Robotics 101 course can be found here.

2. Cyber Robotics 102  102-ruby.jpg

The Cyber Robotics 102 course is the sequel to Cyber Robotics 101 for learning STEM and coding topics, featuring the new Ruby Robot and using gamified missions in a realistic physical environment. Students will learn mechanics, physics, navigation, control and sensors while being introduced to programming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, functions and more. The teacher's guide for the Cyber Robotics 102 course can be found here.

3. The CoderZ Adventure  CdrZ_Adv_course.jpg

This new lightweight course will empower teachers to teach their students the basics of coding and robotics, an exciting interdisciplinary STEM field, while enabling students to learn and practice coding, robotics, and math. No prior knowledge needed! The teacher's guide for the CoderZ Adventure course can be found here.

4. Python Gym   102_Python__cource_python_gym_300_192.jpg

Python Gym is a new course that teaches Python coding within the CoderZ Online Robotics
Environment. Within CoderZ, you will be able to practice your Python coding skills on a simulated
robot in a physically accurate setting. In this course, students will learn Computer Science, Engineering, Physics and Mathematics principles while programming their robot using Python.  The User's Guide for the Python course can be found here.

5. Coding Robots  course.png

Coding Robots is our most comprehensive STEM curriculum, designed to provide your students with an in depth, hand on STEM experience. The course includes 45 lessons and guides students through CoderZ missions and theoretical interactive presentations to develop higher order thinking skills including computational and critical thinking skills and problem solving. Be sure to check out the lessons and the available teacher's resources


More courses will become available as we develop them.


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