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How Do I Add Smart Blocks to My Code?

After you create a Smart Block, it is available for you in any other mission or project.

Check out the video tutorial on YouTube.


To add simply follow these instructions:

  1. Click 'Add Smart Block" button in Blockly tool bar    ic_playlist_add_black_24dp_2x.png
  2. In the search box that opens:
    1. Type in the the name of the Smart Block you are looking for
    2. Click the Smart Block you want to add In the search results
  3. A new Blockly tab will appear under the name of the Smart Block
    1. You can go to this tab to edit your Smart Block, notice it will affect every other code in which you used this Smart Block.
  4. Open the Smart Blocks category
  5. Add the Call block to your Main code
    1. When your code is executed, the Call block will cause the code in your Smart Block to run


Here is how to add an existing Smart Block to a new project:


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