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How do I create a Smart Block?

Smart Blocks are a great way to improve your coding skills and speed up your progress.

Check out the video tutorial on YouTube.


To create a Smart Block simply follow these instructions:

  1. Click 'Add Smart Block" button in Blockly tool bar    ic_playlist_add_black_24dp_2x.png
  2. In the search box that opens either:
    1. Write down a name for your new function, or
    2. Click +New Smart Block
  3. Name your Smart Block and hit Create
  4. A new Blockly tab will open with a 'define' block.
    1. Add your code within the define block
    2. When done, simply click the 'Main' tab to go back to your code
  5. Open the Smart Blocks category
  6. Add the Call block to your Main code
    1. When your code is executed, the Call block will cause the code in your Smart Block to run

Here is how to create a Smart Block that will make your robot turn to the right by 90 degrees:



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