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WebGL Not Enabled

If you got this error message while running CoderZ simulation, this might be because WebGL is not enabled on your browser, or your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) does not support webGL.

Please check first if your computer and browser supports WebGL,

If not, use another computer.

If your computer supports WebGL you may find here are a few solutions:

#1: Update Chrome browser

  •  Open the Chrome settings menu (the 3 dots icon on the top tool bar)
  • Click Help
  • Choose About Goggle Chrome

Chrome will automatically look for updates and install.

A browser restart is required after installation in complete.

#2: How To Turn Hardware Acceleration On, In Chrome

The first place to go in order to turn on hardware accelerations is the chrome settings page. 

In order to do this follow these straight forward instructions:

  1. Open the Chrome web browser
  2. Within the address bar enter the following: chrome://settings
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the page 
  4. Click on the advanced settings link
  5. Further options will now be displayed. Scroll again to the very bottom of the page
  6. Under the "System" heading there is an option called "Use hardware acceleration when available". Place a check in the box
  7. The words "requires Chrome restart" will now appear. Click on the restart link
  8. When Chrome re-opens enter chrome://gpu again and check that the words "hardware accelerated" appears next to most of the items in the "Graphics Feature Status" heading



#3: Enable 3D Software Rasterizer - Windows users

1. Open the following URL on Chrome – chrome://flags

2. Look for 3D software rasterizer flag

3. Change the 3D software rasterizer flag combo box value from disabled to enabled

4. Click "Relaunch Now"


Important notice:

You should be aware that this might not solve your issue. In this case you should try another computer, preferably newer, with a different GPU.

You can also open a ticket for additional support.



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