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What are the Required Steps for Preparing and Running a CoderZ Program on an FTC Snapdragon Robot?

So you've written a CoderZ program and you want to run it on your FTC Snapdragon robot?

Hold your horses! There are a few steps you will need to complete first!


The following steps are required before you can run a CoderZ program on your robot:

  1. Download the FTC Driver Station app to the Driver Station Android device. See How Do I Prepare My Driver Station? (This only needs to be done once.)
  2. Download your CoderZ program to the Android Control device and connect the device to the robot. See How Do I Download a Program to My Robot?
  3. On the Android Control device, choose the configuration file that you will be using. See How Do I Configure My Robot?
  4. Pair the Driver Station and Robot Controller Android Devices. See How Do I Prepare My Driver Station?
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