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How Should I Configure My Snapdragon Robot?

Let's use the Robot Controller app to control the robot! First, though, you need to tell the controller what hardware is connected to the robot.

  1. Press the three dots on the top right of the Robot Controller app. 
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press Configure Robot.
  4. Press New.
  5. Press Scan. You might need to press Scan multiple times before the device detects all of the connected modules
  6. Press one of the devices.
  7. Press the checkbox for an attached device. The port number is listed on the left. 
  8. Press the empty field and enter the device name as it appears in the Configurator in CoderZ. 
  9. Press Done.
  10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 to configure the rest of the motors and connected devices.

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