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How Do I Download a Program to My Robot?

Do you want to get your robot up and moving? 

Here's how to download a program to your robot:

  1. Make sure that the program that you want to download is open in CoderZ. 
  2. Click the  button at the top of the screen. An .apk file will download to your computer. 
  3. Transfer the downloaded .apk file to the Robot Controller Android device.  
  4. On the device, run the .apk and install it. 
  5. Connect the device to your robot's Power Distribution Module and turn on the module.
  6. Run the installed app. 
  7. Access the robot configuration file or create a new one. See How Do I Configure My Robot? 
  8. Pair the Android Controller device to the Driver Station device. See How Do I Prepare My Driver Station?
  9. Use the Drive Station Android device to run the CoderZ program. See How Do I Run a Program on My Real Robot?

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