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Drive Block

I feel the need... the need for speed!

And speed is what you get with the CoderZ drive block.

The CoderZ Drive block drives the robot. It controls both motors, allowing the robot to perform different types of turns and driving maneuvers.


Additional Options

Click the Drive block's  blue star button to add additional parameters. 



Parameter Description Compatible Blocks Range
Drive Power Controls the power (%) of both motors to drive the robot either forward or backward.


-100 to 100

Defines the direction of the drive.

N/A forward / backward
Duration (ms)

Defines the duration of the drive in milliseconds.

When this parameter is not added, by default the drive is endless.


0 to ∞

Controls the steering of the drive. The greater the magnitude of the number, the shorter the turn radius.

When this parameter is not added, by default the steering is 0 and the robot drives straight forward or straight backward.


-100 to 100


More Information

Check out this tutorial on controlling the steering of a drive using the Drive block's steering parameter.


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