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Missions Do Not Load (August 2023 Issue)


 We've got a little bug, but don't worry:

Zappy and our team are on it! 


Some users may be experiencing a couple of minor issues, but we've got a fix!

The Issues
How to check your Google Chrome Browser Version
The Fix

The issues/bugs:

1. Missions will not load:

Missions appear to be forever loading, and might 'get stuck' so to speak, and never reach 100%:

2. Users' profile and account information is unavailable:

This means that users cannot log out of the platform, access their personal settings, or change the interface language.

How to check your Google Chrome Browser Version

These two issues might affect users who are using version 115 and upwards of Google Chrome. To check which version of Google Chrome you are using:

1. Click the Browser menu at the top-right corner

2. Select 'Help'

3. Click 'About Google Chrome'

The current version of Google Chrome browser will be shown:

Here is the full process:

how to check browser ver.gif

The Fix

Our talented team is working on a permanent solution, but if you are experiencing these issues, there is a temporary fix:

1. Copy the following link: chrome://flags/#origin-agent-cluster-default and post it into a new browser tab/window.

2. Navigate to the heading 'Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default', open the menu, and select 'Disabled'

3. Click the 'Relaunch' button that appears at the bottom of the page. This will relaunch your browser.

If, after this, you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at; we'd love to help you out! :)

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