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CoderZ League | Fall 2023- What’s New This Year?

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Extending the stages of the competition
Extended Preliminaries and Group Stage: Based on feedback from previous seasons,
The Preliminary stage and the group stage have been extended, so this season you will gain
more time with some great benefits:
• Familiarity with the platform: teams get the opportunity to become more familiar with
the competition platform. This additional time allows them to understand the platform's
functionalities, explore its features, and strategize their approach to solving missions
more effectively.
• Improved teamwork and collaboration: With additional time in both the preliminaries
and group stages, teams have more opportunities to work together and collaborate.
They can allocate more time for brainstorming and planning. This extended
collaboration period fosters better teamwork and coordination, which can lead to
improved overall performance.
• Deeper understanding of challenge complexities: since the group stage includes a
complex challenge and the level of difficulty increases, extending its duration allows the
teams to delve deeper into the complexity of the challenge. They can spend more time
analyzing requirements, researching potential solutions, and implementing effective
strategies. This additional time can lead to a better understanding of the complexity of
the challenge and increase the chances of successfully completing it.
• Balanced competition: Extending the group stage provides a fairer and more balanced
playing field for all teams. With more time to tackle difficult challenges, teams have a
better chance to showcase their skills and capabilities. It reduces the risk of teams
being eliminated due to time constraints alone and ensures that performance is
primarily determined by the teams' abilities rather than external factors.

Code Submission Timer:
A timer will be displayed during the playoffs. Displaying a timer during this stage is a helpful
addition to ensure clarity and prevent misunderstandings regarding deadlines and code
submissions. Here are some benefits of having a visible timer:
• Clear deadline awareness: The timer provides a visual representation of the remaining
time, ensuring that all participants are aware of the exact deadline for code submission.
This helps prevent any confusion or misunderstandings about when the submission
period ends.
• Time management: With a visible timer, teams can better manage their time during the
playoffs. They can track how much time they have left to work on their code, make
necessary adjustments, and prioritize their tasks accordingly. This allows them to
optimize their workflow and ensure that they meet the submission deadline.
• Fair competition: The timer promotes fairness by providing a standard and consistent
measure of time for all teams. Each team will have equal visibility of the remaining time,
eliminating any potential advantages gained from not being aware of the exact deadline.
This ensures that all participants have an equal opportunity to submit their code within
the specified timeframe.
• Reduced misunderstandings: Displaying a timer reduces the likelihood of
misunderstandings or disputes related to deadlines. With a clear and visible countdown,
there is less room for interpretation or confusion regarding when the submission period
ends. This helps create a more transparent and organized competition environment.

New Award:
Adding a "Best Team Name" award category can bring an element of fun and creativity to the
competition, encouraging teams to invest time and effort in choosing an interesting and
memorable name.

User Guide Availability:
This year, the user guide is accessible directly from the CoderZ platform's learning center.

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