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Motor Block

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Need to control just one motor? The Motor block will help you do it!

The single Motor block controls one motor. 

Choose the motor from the drop down (Left, Right or Arm) and assign speed to it.

Speed = 0 means stop

Speed = 100 means 720 degrees per second

Speed < 0 means the motor will spin the other way!



Parameter Description Compatible Blocks Range
get Select the motor to rotate.


setSpeed Sets the speed (%) at which to rotate the selected motor. Can spin as fast as 720 degrees per second.

-100 to 100
Direction You can control the direction the motor will turn.  N/A Forward/ Backward


Hints and Tips

  • Powering just one motor will pivot the robot towards the other side (Powering the right motor will result in a left pivot turn)
  • Powering both motors at the same speed value will drive your robot straight
  • Powering both motors at different speed values will drive your robot in a curve
  • Powering both motors at opposite speeds (e.g +100 and -100) will make your robot point turn. (It will turn in place like a screw)


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