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Student Management

CoderZ enables teachers to easily manage their classes and students. All actions are accessible from the "My Classes" page. Simply navigate to the class in which the student is enrolled and hover over the student's name. A menu icon (3 dots) will appear; click it to see the options:


Student management features include:

  1. Resetting a student's password
  2. Retrieving a student's username
  3. Removing a student from a class
  4. Changing a student's class

1. Resetting a Student's Password

  1. Open the student's options menu (see above)
  2. Choose "Reset password"
  3. Set a new password
  4. Confirm the password
  5. Click "Done"
  6. Tell your student the new password (if the student provided a valid email address, they will also be notified via email)


2. Retrieving a Student's Username

If your student does not recall their username, you can find it for them by clicking over the menu on the student's name inside a class. Open the menu from the student name and you will see the student's username. If the username is long, you can hover over it to see the full name in a tooltip: 



3. Removing a Student from a Class

  1. Open the student's options menu (see above)
  2. Choose "Remove student"
  3. Click "Ok"
  4. Click "Done"

The student will be removed from this class and the total available seats will be updated accordingly.


Important Notes: 

  • The student's account will not be deactivated and they will not lose access to CoderZ. They will only lose access to the courses they were assigned in this specific class.
  • After removing the student from this class, teachers will not be able to see their progress and their username or any other information regarding the student; however, the student's progress is saved - if the student joins any class in the future, the teacher could see their progress.
  • To re-add a student who was removed to the same class, simply have the student join the class via registration link and join the class while signing in with the same credentials they had previously (important!)

4. Changing a Student's Class

In order to transfer an existing student to a different class:

  1. Navigate to the class you wish to switch this student over to
  2. Open the class settings and click the "Invite Students" tab
  3. Add the student to the new class using the "Add Students" method (see full explanation)
    Note: this is dependent on the desired class having available seats.

  4. Switch to the class you wish to remove the student from.
  5. Remove the student from the old class.


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