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How Can I Control the Camera in Simulation

Did you know you can control the camera in simulation?

Well, you can, and it's awesome.

You can pan the camera to view your scene from different perspectives, zoom to have a closer look at your robot, as it follows a line or moves through a maze. You can also become the robot by switching to First Person view.

Here is what you need to know:

While pointing with the cursor anywhere in the simulation, you can

Pan camera (Windows):

  • Right click and drag sideways to move the camera sideways
  • Right click and drag up/down  to move the camera up/down

Pan camera (Mac OS):

  • Click and hold two fingers on your touchpad and slide sideways to move the camera sideways
  • Click and hold two fingers on your touchpad and slide up/down to move the camera up/down


  • Scroll Up to zoom in (use mouse wheel or swipe Down with 2 fingers on your touchpad)
  • Scroll Down to zoom out (use mouse wheel or swipe Up with 2 fingers on your touchpad)

Be the robot - Activate First Person view

  • For First Person view, zoom all the way in
  • For 3rd Person view, zoom out from First Person view
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